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Cultivation Stage Levels Lifespan Notes
Spirit / spirtual movement


1-9 Tier 100 years Each level has low, mid, high, and peak stages


  • Early 1-3
  • Mid 4-6
  • Late 7-9
  • Peak
300 years Within the realm of cultivation, there were four different ranks of Foundation Stage: gold, white, red, and blue.

If a person didn’t work hard enough during their Spirit Stage and had just enough to break into Foundation Stage, their foundation would be a blue color, signifying that their basis was unstable and it was unlikely they would have further advancements. A little better than the blue foundation was one of scarlet red, which was rather exceptional and gave the person a high chance of advancing into the late stages of Foundation Stage. Above scarlet red was the white foundation, or the "pure" foundation, that only those chosen ones from sects and large clans would be able to form.

Finally, even better than this white foundation was that of gold. This was an existence beyond what an ordinary chosen one could obtain, even containing the impression of royalty. It was extremely powerful and unfathomable, the foundation everyone in the realm of cultivation pursued. Legend had it that only those with an extraordinarily solid basis would have the chance of forming such a foundation, and according to the Peng King’s knowledge, there were no more than five people with the golden foundation within all of Southern Jambu.

"The color purple represented the immortals. It was said that only those who had a chance to truly become an immortal would be able to form the purple foundation.

Such a thing had not appeared in over tens of thousands of years, yet hints of purple were seen in Fang Xing’s foundation as he began to refine it with the True Samadhi Fire.

☀Spirit sense! He knew quite well that this was the kind of spirit sense that belonged only to Foundation Stage cultivators.

Golden Core


Budding Soul/Nascent Soul


10.000- 50.000



Million years

Immortal Realm
True Immortal (真仙) Million ten years - million hundred years
Taiyi True Immortal (太乙真仙) Billion-

Billion hundred years

Daluo Golden Immortal (大罗金仙) Trillion hundred years-


hundred years

Immortal King (仙王) Novemvigintillion

hundred years-


million hundred years

Immortal Emperor (仙帝) Immortal

-The first step into cultivation required building up Qi through meditation